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Dating apps are all the rage right now. But is it really that easy to find love using an app? Here you can find out everything about the digital love hunt.

Munich – everyone is looking for her – great love. Because at least since the Beatles we have all known: All you need is love! And this tingling sensation in the stomach is simply indescribable! In the past, singles still had to go out into the urban jungle every evening, maybe to find their dream partner somewhere local hookupz com. Today it is different: the smartphone is enough to go on the hunt for happiness – dating apps are the absolute bestseller.

No question about it: With flirt apps on mobile phones, seekers can reach men or women even faster than on the usual dating portals on the Internet. The number of users is increasing rapidly: Lovoo, for example, currently has 22 million registered members. In Munich alone, 260,474 people are already using the app. The community is growing rapidly – half of the registrations took place last year. Lovoo has 1,009,000 users throughout Bavaria. This number was only half two years ago.

The “Tinder” app, on the other hand, was founded in 2012 and is now the world’s leading social app for meeting new people. The American company does not publish regional figures. With a so-called swipe, in which the user swipes to the right on the mobile phone when he or she likes a suggested man or woman, he or she immediately establishes contact (how the app works, read below). When a man and woman both like each other – that is, they have both swiped to the right – a so-called match occurs: nothing stands in the way of a date. There are 26 million matches per day on Tinder worldwide, to date the number of total matches is over 11 billion.

Is it really that easy to find love using an app? The tz talked to an Erdinger woman about her Tinder experience – and a Munich resident told how he hit on and towed women via smartphone. But just give it a try yourself – on these pages you will find out everything about the digital love hunt.

Single for 10 years. Single mom. No time for discos or bars, no money for elaborate dating sites on the Internet. For Kathrin from Erding, the free introductory apps came just as requested. She had 21 dates within a year – and is now richer by many experiences. She says: “70 percent of all inquiries are all about sex.”

The mother of an underage son is not looking desperately when she first signs up with Lovoo in 2015 and later with Tinder.

Hello, I’m Joe. If you are looking for a Dating Book, we can help!
Ever since Adam and Eve, men have had to approach women in order to get to know them. Obviously they have always been successful because we are all here today!
So this is not a new situation you find yourself in. All around, you see couples in various stages of their relationship, but mostly they are pretty happy, even in love.
This means that it is certainly possible to attain this status – become a happy couple, so the next thing to consider is, how?
Presumably you have tried waiting for a happy coincidence, being in the right place at the right time. That hasn’t worked, so what next? How do you meet, and attract women?
This is known as dating and this is what this site is about. There are many books, videos, audios, websites etc. etc. available. It’s not unknown for would-be Casanovas to spend many hundreds of dollars on these various media. We hope to short circuit that process by doing the research on many systems and publications.
Obviously we can’t test all the various options on our own, we would end up with hundreds of dates! (or maybe none). What we have done therefore is tapped several different sources for their best advice.
These may be individuals who have tried the various publications and sites, and have given their opinions based on the results. Others have answered surveys, designed to anonymously bring out the salient points of a particular book etc.
In many cases we have approached the website of a particular sytem, obtaining an, obviously biased, summary. Allowing for this, however we found several features which may have been otherwise missed. These were all given appropriate weight in assessing the various systems.
To reduce confusion, we have limited our recommendations to the top two items. These two scored well above the others, there was a decided gap to the next best performing items.
On another page we will be posting our assessment of various web-based systems, this study is under way at present, and is due to report shortly.



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Our number two choice this month isn’t just a book, or even a set of books. It’s a complete system.

Are you on Facebook? You’ve probably tried hooking up with women there, right? Doesn’t work, does it?

Or does it? Do you realize dozens of other men are using the same messages as you to try and connect. You need to be different….

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Two people who are “dating”, have shared several dates together and have made it clear to one another they are interested in more than just a friendship – even if so far the exchanges have been purely friendly in nature. Dating is, essentially, getting to know someone over an extended period of time to determine if a relationship is something worth pursuing. About.com – Dating




3 Body Language Signs She is Attracted To You


We can verbally tell someone that we are attracted to the other person, but a majority of the time it is being told through our body language. That is also the most reliable way of telling if a woman is attracted to you. Words can be deceiving, but the body never lies (that’s why we have lie detector tests!).


Not every woman will exhibit the same body language signs to show that she is attracted to you, but here are 3 body language signs to look out for. If you see her doing any of these, you can tell that she is attracted to you.


1. Hair touching

This is a classic. It has evolutionary merits, but all you need to know is that if she is playing with her hair while you’re talking to her, she is attracted to you.


2. Interlocking Fingers

Whenever you hold a woman’s hand, is she interlacing her fingers with yours or not? Or if you give her a high five and you hold your hand up, does she interlace her fingers with yours? These are simple physical tests you can do to test if she is attracted to you. If she interlocks her fingers with yours, she is definitely attracted.


3. Licking Her Lips

How do you know when a woman is ready to be kissed? Pay close attention to a her lips. Women will lick their lips, apply lipstick, or slightly pout their lips when they are ready to be kissed. These are subconscious invitations for you to make a move!


Reading body language the right way is really important when it comes to attracting women. Read them wrong and she will reject you. Read them correctly and your dating life will be turned upside down.



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Learn More about Body Language

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